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Security and privacy

At the time of order of product or service you provide your personal information that was secure with our digital server locker under best supervision of our staff. All the information and documents related security handled by our best staff so you don’t worry about your personal information.

Awareness and user details

This is our request to check all information related with the product mentioned in that website in only one language that’s English we try to provide maximum language in near future as soon possible but whenever we use only one language we request to all the users please use our website with someone who understand that language properly. In any manners we rerated due to this inconvenience of the website now working only in English.

We serve all the gender and all the age group so someone who try to use our website who is under age (below 18 as per government rule) please buy under your parents supervision, because unable to stop using the website by some special age group and maximum product used the age group of 8 year to 25 years so if any judicial query is grow then we sorry to reply on that because we mentioned in our awareness section for that.

Who try to create any account on our website that was totally free till our notice get that user after the notice the price was decided in that notice. All the information carry a mail if we charge any nominal amount of any account, each account free till user get any mail or notice by our service team.

All the plans or price related information will be change without any notice or prior information or product out of stock because sometimes we get information from the principle  company delay so update that as soon as possible. All the price and plans decided by the principle company so this is humble request to every user who suffer that type of any problem.

Payment and order

Payment related information mentioned with all products and services so please read carefully at that the time of order. Once you order then no Negotiable  amount at the time of delivery so please be sure before order.

All the payment terms and payment method mentioned with product and also mentioned all the information when you card or make the payment you can choose one method from all. Once payment done you get a confirmation massage on mobile or on mail if you mentioned that information at the time of order.

After the payment you get another mail along with massage for confirmation of order and delivery related time you can slightly change the delivery time by contacting our delivery person when he/she make call or you can mail or WhatAapp for any query.

Refund or Delivery

Once user make any order and cancel the order for any reason then the payment will be return by in your account by the given time on screen but delivery charges and service charge not be refund on some product so please try to make order by checking your needs or requirements. But some product not come with return policy that was mentioned in product details so please read all the information at the time of order or cancellation the product.

Delivery will be done by the given time frame if your want to change for any reason please coordinate with our service of delivery team they always try to resolve your issue.



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